Worcestershire finished their "Middleton Cup" season on a high when they defeated Gloucestershire by 32 shots when they met at Barnwood  B C.

This result meant that they just failed to qualify for the Quarter Finals.  Wiltshire won by a single shot on the final end after a very close measure.

Worcestershire after picking up four 3's over the first five ends had gained a 9 shot advantage.

Although the visitors picked up a FOUR on the 9th end this was offset when the Gloucestershire replied with the same score but still left Worcestershire leading by 9 at the half way stage.

Picking up a "SIX" on the 12th end gave Worcestershire a comfortable 15 shot lead.

The 15th end secured victory for the visiting county when the six rinks picked up a total of 13 shots to give them a 30 shot lead which they held to the finish, winning on four rinks to give them 18 - 4 points and secure second position in the league.  

Taking the honours for the county was Dean Hemming's rink who after picking up two 3's took an early lead and then scored a further 3 & 4, and finished with a Five to run out winners by 22.

Leading from the first end Grant Burgess rink, consisting of all Chester Road members, then picked up two 3's and a "Six" to lead by 16 at the half way stage. Picking up a further two 3's gave them a 20 shot victory.

In a closely fought game Rob McCaughtrie's foursome secured victory over the final two ends to run out winners by 6.

Completing Worcestershire's success was Steve Poyner's rink who were involved in another tight game, then secured a 3 shot victory after picking up a 4 on the 19th end.


Rink 1  
P. Kitchen   J. Heathcote  
A. Millward   E. Kavanagh  
D. Summers   K. Hinder  
G. Burgess   D. Howes  
Score: 30 Score: 10
Rink 2
J. Cook   C. Roach  
J. Taylor   J. Daniels  
L. Lane   C. Davies  
R. Stanley   R. Griffiths  
Score: 16 Score: 18
 Rink 3
D. Wilde   A. Smith  
A. Cook   V. Wilks  
M. Sandoz   M. Perry  
S. Poyner   L. Williamson  
Score: 18 Score: 15
Rink 4
M. Hall   J. Smallwood  
R. Ashby   R. Bird  
S. Parker   N. Cansdale  
A. Walters   P. Bryant  
Score: 9 Score: 26
Rink 5
W. White   N. Kitchen  
A. Griffiths   M. Prosser  
S. Hooper   S. Knight  
R. McCaughtrie   M. Woodbridge  
Score: 22 Score: 16
Rink 6
R. Hall   B. Coldrick  
D. Inchley    N. Holliday  
R. Dawson   J. Roach  
D. Hemming   S. Hodges  
Score: 32 Score: 10
Match Score: 127 Match Score: 95
Points: 18  Points: 4