Winner Receives the V.W. Turner Cup

Runner up Receives the Margaret Harper Cup


Ladies County Singles Winner










2017 Winner

Amy Walters

Broadway B.C.



2017 Four Wood Singles Winner



Picture to follow







2017 Runner Up

Pat Logan

Gilt Edge B.C.


2017 Singles Runner Up

1947 C. W. Tooley      
1948 C. W. Tooley      
1949 R. Hetherington      
1950 Mrs. Humphries      
1951 W. Mapp      
1952 Mrs Hawkins      
1953 Mrs Lewis      
1954 Mrs Elliot      
1955 Mrs Cope   D. King Broadway
1956 Mrs Haddon       
1957 Mrs Gillmore      
1958 Mrs Hawkins      
1959 Miss Hedges      
1960 Mrs Elliot   I. Smallbone Broadway
1961 I. Smallbone Broadway    
1962 V. Hedges      
1963 K. Hedges      
1964 V. Hedges      
1965 I. Smallbone Broadway    
1966 Mrs Douglas      
1967 J. Riley      
1968 Mrs Douglas   I. Smallbone Broadway
1969 D. King Broadway    
1970 V. Hedges      
1971 Miss D. Beale Broadway    
1972 K. Hedges      
1973 J. Morgan Bromsgrove    
1974 V. Hedges   I. Herbert Broadway
1975 Mrs Summers      
1976 J Colquhoun      
1977 J Colquhoun      
1978 J. Riley Broadway    
1979 I. Smallbone Broadway    
1980 E. Summers    V. Bruce Broadway
1981 I. Smallbone Broadway    
1982 I. Smallbone Broadway    
1983 D. Cotton Bromsgrove    
1984 L. Sandoz Gilt Edge    
1985 E. Hodson      
1986 D. Prior Hewell    
1987 D. Bruce Broadway    
1988 T. Tyler      
1989 D. Prior Hewell    
1990 I. Smallbone Broadway    
1991 B. Pinchin      
1992 L. Sandoz Gilt Edge D. Bruce Broadway
1993 D. Prior Hewell D. Jackson Broadway
1994 L. Sandoz Gilt Edge J. McPhail  
1995 S. Smith   A. Reynolds  
1996 M. Borthwick   D. Prior Hewell
1997 D. Jackson Broadway I. Wainwright  
1998 J. Chappell   M. Crowe  
1999 V. Hall Broadway L. Sandoz Gilt Edge
2000 G. Lloyd Manor Park L. Sandoz GiltEedge
2001 J. Parfitt Broadway A. Reynolds  
2002 G. Lloyd Manor Park S. Davies Broadway
2003 A. Case Gilt Edge L. Sandoz Gilt Edge
2004 M. Stokes Gilt Edge D. Prior Hewell
2005 S. Davies Broadway S. Hemming Littleton
2006 S. Davies Broadway S. Hemming Littleton
2007 S. Davies Broadway J. Saunders Oldington
2008 S. Heming Littleton L. Ashby Broadway
2009 L. Sandoz Gilt Edge M. Crowe  
2010 L. Bowen Broadway S. Purvis Worcester Ladies
2011 A. Stanton Broadway G Cliff Hewell
2012 S. Davies Broadway A. Stanton Broadway
2013 S. Davies Broadway J. Parfitt Broadway
2014 S. Simcoe Lilleshall P. Logan Gilt Edge
2015 S. Simcoe Lilleshall D. Davis Broadway
2016 S. Davis Broadway A. Stanton Broadway
2017 A. Walters Broadway P. Logan Gilt Edge