Middleton Cup Match

Worcestershire vs Warwickshire

Saturday 31st May 2014

at Broadway BC (WR12 7DP)


Team Selection


P. Kitchen Chester Road J. Cook Worcester
J. Ganderton Chester Road A. Millward Chester Road
D. Summers Chester Road L. Lane Redditch
G. Burgess Chester Road R. Stanley Worcester
R. Ashby Broadway D. Wilde Gilt Edge
A. Cook Worcester S. Thompson Oldington
R. Dawson Worcester S. Poyner Vines Park
A. Walters Broadway R. McCaughtrie Worcester
R. Hall Worcester W. White Chester Road
J. Allington Chester Road M. Sandoz Gilt Edge
D. Hermming Worcester S. Hooper Worcester
M. Stones Worcester R. Atkins Worcester
Reserves To Attend:
A. Trinder M. Rowe T. Yapp D. Inchley

To print out the selection form and score keeper select     --->       MCBA Worcestershire v Nottinghamhire 2014