Worcestershire B A playing their second "Middleton Cup" fixture just failed by 3 shots when they travelled to Wooton Basset where they met Bowls Wiltshire.

Picking up two 4's on the first end got Worcestershire to a flying start and led by 19 shots at five ends.

Scoring a further two 4's and three 3's increased the visitors lead to 28 at the half way stage.

Over the following five ends Wiltshire made a great fight back and reduced the deficit to 7 shots scoring on every end including a 4 and two 3's.

By the 18th end the margin had been further reduced to only one shot after the home county picked up 4 &  3

With one rink remaining on the green, Worcester held a one shot lead but conceded a 'Four' leaving the "Moonrakers" victorious.

Winning rinks for Worcestershire came from Andy Walter quartet  who ran out winners by 5 after leading by 11 shots.

Also gaining victory by the same margin, Steve Poyner's rink, who picked up shots on the final four ends after trailing.

Taking an early lead after picking up a 4 & three 3's, Grant Burgess rink always held an advantage and won by 4.

Picking up shots on the first 6 ends, including two 4's gave Rob McCaughtrie's rink a great start to lead 12-0 but the conceded a 'Seven and gradually lost their advantage and only scraped home by 2 shots.

Winning on four rinks, Worcestershire picked up 8 points against Wiltshire 14 leaving them in second position 9 points behind Wiltshire with one game remaining when they play Gloucestershire away on 7th July.


Rink 1  
P. Kitchen   B. Sictorness  
A. Millward   J. Davis  
D. Summers   G. Hatherall  
G. Burgess   M. Briggs  
Score:  22 Score: 18
Rink 2
D. Wilde   K. Embling  
A. Cook   K. Bailey  
M. Sandoz   G. Morphet  
S. Poyner   N. Smith  
Score:  19 Score: 14
 Rink 3
W. White   T. Warner   
A. Griffiths   N. Revell  
S. Hooper   W. Snook  
R. McCaughtrie   B. Gadd  
 Score:  23  Score: 21
Rink 4
R. Hall   W. Simmons  
J. Allington   C. Cheesley  
D. Hemming   D. Godwin  
M. Stones   R. Francis  
Score: 13 Score: 26
Rink 5
M. Hall   M. Richards  
R. Ashby    K. Oliver  
S. Parker   I. Jefferies  
A. Walters   M. Jackson  
Score: 20 Score: 15
Rink 6
J. Cook   G. Jackson  
J. Taylor   C. Goughty  
L. Lane   S. Snell  
R. Stanley   G. Shadwick  
Score: 19 Score: 25
Match Score: 116 Match Score: 119
Points: 8  Points: 14