(Founded 1928) - Tel: 01386 561028
Green: Abbey Park, Pershore.
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Pershore Bowling Club
Approved Coloured Shirt: White Polo shirt with green trim.
Club smoking policy: Non smoking on the Green
Email Contact:




Adrian Fletcher



01368 553766

07932 623493



Glyn Harris



01905 371641

0791 9187564

Ladies Captain:


Yvonne McKeon


01386 861940

07919 186574

Mens Singles Champion: Mike Peirce Tel: 01386 553047
Ladies Singles Champion: Alison Cartwright Tel: 01386 552161
Club Secretary: Alison Cartwright
2 Searle Close
WR10 3EY


01386 552161

07967 123491

Fixture Secretary:

Malcolm Currin
17 Nogains

WR10 1HY

Tel: 01386 550453

Exec.Council Members Sheila Allies
  Alison Cartwright
The Clubs History:      

The Club was formed in 1928 following an invitation by the then Lord Abbot of Pershore to tradesmen of the town to play bowls on the lawn at the monastery, long since demolished.   Because of its restricted size, it was only large enough to provide two rinks. At that time the green was mown with an old hand mower and rolled with a heavy horse drawn roller.  The Lord Abbot accepted the invitation to be the first President of the Club and continued to hold the office until the Monastery was closed in 1936 and the monks moved to Nashdon Abbey in Buckinghamshire. Following the departure of the monks the green was extended to four rinks. Because of its position within Monastery ground drinking facilities were nil so members would club together and take bottled beer on to the green or retire to a nearby hostelry, which, most conveniently always seemed to be kept by a member of the club.  At the same time as the formation of the Club (then known as The Abbey Bowling Club) another club was formed (at the Mission Hall in Head Street) by the Men’s Brotherhood, ultimately the two Clubs decided to amalgamate, and the Brotherhood Club was disbanded.  

During the Second World War little activity took place, members satisfying themselves with game amongst themselves when time allowed.   After the war the green was extended to six rinks, part of a Prisoner of War hut was acquired and erected as a pavilion on the site of the present clubhouse, mains water installed and a liquour licence obtained.  Member's wives rallied round, providing furnishings, making curtains and providing cutlery etc.  Weekly whist drives were held during winter months to raise much needed finance.  Membership grew and the fixture list extended.  Some of the ladies began to show interest in the game and in 1953 a Ladies Section was formed. 

The Club has provided six Presidents of the County Association in the names of:- Harold Boswell {1954}, Vernon Turner {1963}, Wilf Webster {1968}, George Massingham {1972}, Alex Colquhoun {1978} the Club’s Golden Jubilee Year and Roy Briscoe {2007}.

The Club had achieved several successes in County Competitions and has had representatives at the National Championships. The Club had always strongly supported the County Association.


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