(Founded 1907) - Tel: 01386 446469
Green: Blind Lane, Albert Road, Evesham.
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Approved Coloured Shirt: White Polo Top with shy blue collar and sleeves with navy blue piping
Club smoking policy: No smoking on the green or any public areas such as pavillion and changing rooms
Email Contact: secretary@eveshambowls.co.uk
Chairman: Nigel Gould Tel: 01386 45959


Captain: No-one designated Tel:  
Ladies Captain: Maureen Harley Tel: 01386 882326


Mens Singles Champion: Bob Boon-Henley Tel: 01386 45161
Ladies Singles Champion: Mary Shephard Tel: 01386 442438
Club Secretary: Jean Eldridge

Tel: 01386 831709


Fixture Secretary: Eric Mitchell
23 St Lukes Close
Worcs. WR11 2ET
Tel: 01386 765647


Exec.Council Members Ted Church tedchurch48@uwclub.net
  Jean Eldridge jeaneldridge@btinternet.com
The Clubs History:      

Evesham Bowling Club was formed on 5th April 1907, the object of the Club when formed was:- "To play the ancient game of Bowls and to promote social intercourse and rational recreation". The subscription was set at ten shillings and six pence per annum.

The original green was at Northwick Hotel, Waterside, and play continued there until 1993 when the Hotel wanted to turn the area into a Car Park (the area has not yet changed to date and the green is still there with ditches clearly visible). This period of change almost caused the Club to be dissolved, but fortunately it continued and now plays matches at the current venue, as part of the Evesham Sports Club.

Another disaster overtook the Club in 1998 when Evesham was flooded, the green was under 12 feet of water, all the Club records were under water as well, and a remarkable job was carried out on both the green and the records to get them back to usable condition.

Once again, during the summer floods of July 2007, during the Club's centenary year, the green was under 16 feet of water, but thanks to the support of other clubs in the area, particularly Barbourne (Worcester) for holding a fund raising gala, and Bredon and Broadway for the use of their greens, the Club was able to fulfil its fixtures and recover in time for the following season.

The Club has had its National and County successes in the past, providing the County President in 1961 in Harry Dillworth, winning the Vernon Turner Cup in 1954, the County Singles in 1940, the Pairs in 1931, the Triples in 1951 and as runners-up in the Triples in 1955, the triple of R.A. Fry, E. Perrett and G. Groves qualified for the National Championships at Mortlake and achieved the runner-up trophy in the National Triples in 1969, the Club again won the County Triples title, the Club provided the County Fours winners in 1934 and 1952.

More recently, in 2008, members were winners in the Reg Russell Triples, as well as runners-up in 2004 and 2010.

In local competitions the Club has been successful in the Concorde, South Worcester and Vale Mixed Triples Leagues. In the South Worcester Triples the Club won the title three years running, the only Club to have managed this so far.

The Club has a mixed membership totalling approximately 60 at present.


Updated 11th February 2018